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Critics Love Mark Ruffalo In The Movie “Dark Waters”

There have been many blockbuster movies that center on the expose of the most significant controversies of all time. These events are big, loud, and gripping, with all the twists and turns that come with a Hollywood film. In the film, the story even gets bigger with a larger-than-life protagonist often played by the most bankable actor or actress of the current generation. This is where Todd Haynes’ movie Dark Waters comes in. But unlike the other films, this narrative feels different, a stand-out from the rest.

Where the water darkened

Dark Waters is the story of a corporate lawyer named Robert Bilott, who is played by Mark Ruffalo. Robert is a consistent, rule-abiding lawyer who did not stray from what his superiors wanted from. He only did what he was told and nothing more than that. However, everything changes in the appearance of a surprise visitor. The visitor was Wilbur Tennant, played by Bill Camp, a hard-working farmer who had recently experienced problems at his farm. Wilbur was seeking Robert, for help, but Robert was not showing interest. However, despite Robert’s resistance, he conceded to Wilbur, knowing that Wilbur and Robert’s grandmother were friends. In the insistence of Wilbur and out of familial loyalty, Robert visited his farm, and he sees that Wilbur’s cows have been poison by the creek where a large corporation called Dupont has been dumping their chemical waste. That is when Robert decides to represent Wilbur.

However, his decision to help was met with much resistance as the firm he is working for is strongly associated with Dupont, and the corporation is not taking this issue lying down. The corporation has done everything to cover its tracks and as Robert discovers through taking Wilbur’s case, and all the secrets are slowly unraveling.

The work was starting to take a toll not only on his career but also on his marriage. His wife Sarah, played by Anne Hathaway, was supportive at the beginning but eventually, only to a certain point, as Robert’s obsession grew.

Drama and intrigue: more than a film, a must watch

The the film was so heavy and image-driven, and it was wonderfully shot. Each character is depicted with such vigor, rawness and fragility, each one of them stands out on the film. The actors delivered such beautiful performances. Mark Ruffalo, being the hero in the center of the chaos, transformed form a conventional stoic character to a passionate lawyer. It is simply something to watch out for.