About Us

Penne Signum Studios is a movie startup where you can create your own movies with our cloud-based video editing tools that are free for novice users. We offer a wide variety of easy-to-use features that are found on premium video editing software.

So how is this free? Well, you get the basic editing stuff that’s good enough for starters – but if they want to take their cinematic dreams to the next level then there’s always an unlock option where you can really unleash your creativity.

Also, our apps are ad supported, but we can rest assure that they don’t snoop around on you as we value your privacy the most – but we also need to keep our services accessible to everyone so we hope that’s a fair trade-off. What we can ultimately guarantee is that you will love our service and you will really enjoy making movies with our app. You can also get some creative inspiration here in our blog as well as we like to talk about movies as a whole – so feel free to go around and enjoy our humble online abode.