Was Game of Thrones the Most Popular TV Show of the 2000s?

When we heard of the word “television series”, there are already a lot of shows that are popping into our minds. Shows that are very popular throughout the decade and some of them are still ongoing until now. There’s a lot to choose from but some of them surely stand out over hundreds of shows.

There’s no doubt that some of the television series from the 2000s are just so good that no one will argue about it. If you try to search the internet about the most reviewed television series, you will see a very long list of TV series that’s been aired for decades and still airing until now.

One of the most reviewed and most popular TV show that is known to mankind is the Game of Thrones. They say that this show is a whole package. There is something for everyone to enjoy, there’s violence, thriller, sex, romance, drama, horror, comedy, fiction, fantasy, and even witchcraft. It is a show like no other because of all the contents in the series like its uniqueness.

The Game of Thrones is being aired globally and that is one of the contributing factors why this is the most popular and most searched TV shows of the 2000s. This is the TV show that even it will leave you on a cliff-hanging; you will surely look forward to more episodes and be excited about it.

 Here are some reasons why you should watch this TV show:

  • No main character. There are so many characters, and all of them are even.
  • They teach that humans are different, they must be tolerant, have advantages and disadvantages of each, and change with the forging of life.
  • All the cinematic work at a whole lot of amazing levels.
  • The show’s craftsmanship technique in terms of the set of decoration and equipment is extraordinary.
  • There are dragons, wolves, mammoths, and others who are ready to make both amazed and horrified.
  • In the real world, anyone can be the perpetrators of the mistakes exhibited by the characters in this TV show, especially in politics.
  • The show’s background location is very impressive.
  • The show managed to make his fans guess the continuation of the story in each episode.
  • Taking a medieval setting, successfully presents stunning costume settings, places, and graphics.
  • All aspects are of the highest quality standard, both in terms of building fiction and in the achievement of cinematographic techniques.